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JOYBUSKER STUDIO located in Johor Bahru (JB), involved in Live Band, Busking, Video Production and Music Production.

JOYBUSKER STUDIO Founded by ShawnTanch(Acun), we share Music, Stories, Travel, Life. We Busk for JOY!

JOYBUSKER STUDIO 街旅人音乐工作室,位于柔佛新山,业务涉及婚宴,公司娱乐乐队,街唱演出,影片制作,音乐制作。

Joybusker 街旅人工作室,由Shawn Tanch阿村建立,分享音乐,故事,旅游,生活,探索幸福,渴望自由,交友为乐,四海为家!

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